Worship and Idolatory: Is your heart stayed on Him?

The stage is set, the harmony is perfect, and the instrumentals create a perfect atmosphere for worship.

Except that it isn’t worship.

It is at best a concert. Otherwise, it’s just a couple of people shouting the lyrics of their favourite songs. More often than not, this is usually the case when we say we worship. We get so occupied with the music and the “feeling” that we don’t realize our hearts are actually set on other things. So while on the outside we have an attitude of worship, our hearts are far from being in the place of worship.

But we know that everything that takes God’s place is an Idol. So we should take them down.

One of the ways in which we lose our heart of worship is in emphasis on the wrong things. We forget that worship is about abandon in His presence and start to focus on the music. Oh the microphone isn’t working well, the keyboardist is going off key, the harmony isn’t perfect. While we know that our God is a God of perfection, we must also remember that God primarily looks at the intents of our hearts and judges those.

We also tend to idolize the musician, rather than focus on the lyrics and the heart of why we are there in the first place. Or maybe we aren’t really there to worship. We’re there to attend a certain person’s concert and watch them worship. Maybe that’s why some gospel artiste’s draw a larger crowd than others – following. Truth is, when we forget that God should be our focus, we have idolized the person.

Finally, there’s social media. We live in a world where everything is a show and tell. We don’t know what we would do if we didn’t show off. So we put everything online. Our food, our relationships, our clothes, our families, our lives and our religion. While social media can no doubt be used for our good and for the spread of the gospel, trying to maintain a certain image may take away the real heart of worship. Our waking moments are spent practicing for the things that we will share online. So I’m at a concert, and I want to share my experience. I whip out my phone and make a video for social media. But I also miss out on a few key moments, because of that distraction. Finding the right balance is key.

God has never hid from us that He is a jealous God. Perhaps we’re the ones with a really short memory. But let’s never forget that our primary purpose is to worship God in spirit and truth.

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