Witholding Nothing

by Ezekiel

During service on a particular Sunday, as I was singing along with the choir during the worship session, they started to sing a song with the words 2Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me. Break me, mold me, fill me, use me”. When they go to the break me part, I paused and in my mind I was saying Wait first, what’s this talk about breaking, let’s open this up for discussion because I could not fathom being broken in whatever way it would happen. I was thinking of how to negotiate with God on that aspect.

Don’t get me wrong, I was down for the molding, filling and using part but the breaking part, come on, can’t we skip that part of the process? God is a God of principle and our worship to him beyond the singing and dancing is to use our lives to bring glory and honor to his name through our daily activities. However, in doing so we must surrender to the will of God in those daily activities. We must be willing to harken to the voice of the spirit rather than choosing to do things our way.

When we become Christians, we agree to leave the wheel and controls in God’s hands. I was aware of this at the time of thinking about skipping one step of the process because it can be a little tough, especially as humans we want to able to steer the wheel or push a button at times. The Bible shows us examples of people who chose to surrender to God’s will. From Noah who was asked to build a boat in the middle of a place so far from the ocean that the idea in itself was bizarre, to Abraham, who, after waiting so long to have a son was told to sacrifice his son. David, despite his wives being captured by the Amalekites still chose to ask God whether or not to proceed. Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane asked that if the cup could pass over it should be, but that the will of God be done.

The place of worship is to yield your life completely to God’s hands. It’s not just expressed in the words of songs we sing but also in our daily lives. A couple weeks later I knew what it meant to be broken as certain things happened that made me realize it was God taking me through his process. Surrender in worship could be simple as taking a left turn rather than a right turn and miss getting into traffic that gets you late for a crucial meeting. Surrender in worship is not just in those major activities of our lives like whether or not to take that huge investment decision but in the seemingly little things. Surrendering in worship is to allow God full access and control over your life so that at the end of the day his name will be glorified.