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What happened to the new year’s resolution?

At the start of every new year, we make resolutions to do more of something, to take on a new task or to engage in a new activity. However, it appears that most times 2 or 3 months into the new year, the resolutions we make fall along the way; why does this happen? Is it that we get busy, get caught up in seemingly more important stuff or as is sometimes said, life happens?

Why do we always feel the need to make these resolutions at the beginning of the year? Why do we get so caught up in the new year’s logic of new year new time to set goals? Oh yes, because we have somehow ingrained it within ourselves that the only time we can start something new is in the new year, as though any other time wouldn’t work.

Hence, we live our lives subconsciously waiting for another new year to come before we take on that task we had abandoned one-quarter of the journey into the new year. We procrastinate so often that we allow the supposed new year to be the light at the end of that dark tunnel.

Here are three things to help you take on that resolution you had abandoned or start new things at whatever time of the year we choose;

1) Every day is a new year – take this literally and discard that mindset of the new year being the only time you can take on something new or plan something new. Every day is a new year in which the sun will rise and set, regardless of whether you see it because of the sometimes cloudy weather conditions. A new day that will never occur again.

2) There’s no better time than the present – There’s no better time than now to do what you have wished you could. Quit waiting for that right moment, the right hour, the precise weather conditions when the stars will mysteriously be in total alignment for something magical to occur. Quit waiting for that sign, that sign is already here, that sign is you.

3) Review – review the resolutions and your goals that you had set as often as possible. What were the things that said you would do but didn’t? What were the places you wanted to go but couldn’t? Knowing what stopped you from achieving what you intended to do helps you to plan better. When you review your goals you commit to try harder to attempt again at what you might have failed at.

Finally pray for strength, pray for the fortitude to overcome procrastination’s strong call that the time is not right, that you are much too busy or that there is still plenty of time. Then proceed to act.

By Ezekiel