The Idea of God

by Ezekiel

Do you love God or are you in love with the idea of God? The love of that idea could  have been driven by a decade or decades of being told that there is a God but never quite experiencing him for yourself.

The idea could alternatively have been driven by that desire to believe in a Being that lives above us. After all, the earth could not possibly have created itself by some cosmic reaction. Although, don’t say that thought aloud because some funny little big bang theory-believing science geek could just be waiting around the corner to get you into a lengthy, inconclusive argument.

Another idea that is close to the previous one could be that you are looking for Someone to blame for all the challenges you have faced or all the predicaments you have found yourself in. Instead of accepting responsibility for your actions or inactions.

The third point is one I truly associate with, as it seems it’s the reason why many people have their beliefs in God. It is the idea of a magical mystical Being who is more than they can imagine. They are so engrossed in this Beings’ mystery that they do not bother to discover this being for themselves by reading his word. They believe that the understanding of this Being lies only in the hands of a privileged few with the titles of Pastors, Reverend Fathers or Bishops.

Enough of this hard talk, let me soft pedal this a little using myself as an example. I like the idea of having a girlfriend and all the other benefits that come with it, such as being able to have an intimate conversation with someone of the opposite sex, to discuss your passions and interests with some other person than yourself, a couple friends or family. Also the idea of praying together, studying together and motivating each other excites me. However, in reality I cannot commit to having such a relationship at this point in time. That’s exactly how the idea of God works. We like the idea of God and the benefits that it comes with, but we are unwilling to commit to that relationship, to nurture the relationship to grow beyond milk drinking to meat chewing. To love the idea of God is to stay at the peripheral of a relationship with God, without taking intentional steps to get closer to God. An idea remains an idea until planned steps are taken to move that idea to a stage of actualization where it is brought to life.

These planned steps could be spending time to read his word and discover his ways. Seeking the face of God in prayer, not just to request but in thanksgiving. As well as to be consistent in taking these steps and cultivate them as habits.


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