Night of Worship 2016

The Father Seeketh…

Night of Worship 2016It is difficult comprehending the physical things we can see, how much more the ones we try to imagine. Explaining the logic behind the cloud being excluded from the law of gravity, or the stars knowing where to stand in the morning is something that is hard to comprehend. His majesty is beyond what we can explain by mere words.

He is the Lord of all, He commands the universe, He is C.E.O. of the galaxy, He speaks and the earth trembles, He is not just supreme but His authority is without end, everything and everyone answers to Him and He answers to no one, Yoruba calls Him ka-bi-yo-o-si (the One whom we can’t query). He is this and much more.

Yet the Bible says He “seeketh…”

How can one with so much awesomeness, in His glory and majesty “seek”? What makes this worship of so much importance that He has to seek for it? What exactly is worship?

I know praise is an act. Praise can be recounting and proclaiming the wondrous things He has done. Praise proceeds from the lips. It consists basically of what I say of Him and to Him. Making known the things He has done and can do. That is praise. He might inhabit the praise of His people (Psalm 22:3), but He is not seeking for it.

Just like many spiritual things, it cannot be fully explained. Worship gets to the heart of who we are. Worship is the art of losing self in the adoration of another. It is an expression of the heart that spans from the unrestrained fetters of our minds. We bow down to worship as a sign of total surrender to His majesty. It is our way of acknowledging and reverencing His worth as lord of all. Getting the full grasp of worship is in the experience itself. One cannot begin to explain what it means to be totally lost in the splendor of His majesty; it is really something words can’t cover.

It is not so difficult to see why He seeks it. You can praise Him with harps and with organs and voices, but worship is from your heart. You can pray from afar and He will hear but your soul is involved when it comes to worship. Join us as we set our hearts, our minds and soul to worship Him while men sleep.

Time: 8p.m – 4a.m

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