The Certainty of Truth

Pastor Kunle Soriyan

Proverbs 22:21

Words don’t just exist they exist in truth or falseness. Truth is absolute, two contradictory statements cannot mean the same thing. There are three different types of people;

  1. People that don’t know the truth
  2. People that know the truth but don’t know the certainty
  3. People that know the truth and its certainty

People that know the truth follow an ideology not a philosophy. An ideology changes the world but a philosophy leaves your world the same. Ideology is a set of beliefs that belong to a group of people. If your faith is subject to adaptation you don’t understand it. The knowledge of what is wrong is different from your power to do it.

In Nigeria we have built structures of civilization that support buying. While the world is growing on finished goods we have mastered the art of raw materials.

The standard of honor has to be different, those who look it don’t always have it. You have to be aligned with your faith, not get along with own idea of faith. There’s a protocol of swimming that you must understand or you will drown.

Hindrances to truth in the World

The devil works with territorial ignorance not common ignorance. The temptations in the US are different from the temptations in Africa. The gospel in Africa fails the test of universality but passes the test of locality. You are the light of the world hence, we need to plug into the source to understand and become.

The truth that brings ideology is the acceptance of a person. Truth is not information, it is the acceptance of Christ. Grace and Peace is multiplied unto you through Christ. The awesomeness in Christ is beyond financial freedom.

  1. Secularism: is the inability of religious ideas to impact culture. Secularism brings with it the loss of shame.
  2. Pluralism: the tolerance of all ideas with none dominant. Evil does not need formal training.
  3. Privatization: The inability of society to provide comfort.
  4. Only in Africa do we suffer from this where our history disconnects you from the simple.

Your confession and attitude must align before any one’s confession over you. Without evil, good has no meaning all that is good and perfect is God.

Everything you have are instruments of evangelism, things that will make you standout;

  1. Your content
  2. Superior communication
  3. Consistency