The Beauty in Worship

How can you talk about the beauty in worship without having experienced it?

Worship is a very personal act, in which we’re one with God. It is the place where we stand in awe of God. From personal experience, I do know for a fact that I cannot talk about the beauty in worship without talking about God’s power and might or his wondrous works. And I also cannot talk about the beauty in worship without talking about Calvary.


The beauty in Worship is in the fact that God loves us, unimaginably. And all he requires from us in response is Worship. We’re to worship Him in spirit and in truth, wholesome undiluted worship. When we truly worship God, we feel His presence anew. While God’s presence is always with us, He stoops down to meet us where we are in worship.


The Beauty in Worship isn’t in the melody, it’s in the heart of the worshipper. When we worship God with all our hearts focused on Him, He is pleased with us and accepts our sacrifice. And we all know how God blesses those in whom He is pleased. The Beauty in Worship is not conditional or based on our situation, it is that we worship in spite of our situation, whatever that may be. Worship stirs God to move, in ways we cannot imagine. And we get a glimpse into this when Paul and Silas’ chains and prison doors became as nothing after they had spent time in worship. The best part is that their worship was simply an act of reverence, they had no expectations, much less an earthquake. We also know that worship can overthrow a whole nation. Ask the Israelites what happened outside the walls of Jericho. They know first hand.


The Beauty in Worship is that we don’t need a special place to worship God. But we can let every breath we take worship God, every moment we’re awake by consciously surrendering to His will and purpose. We can worship God with our gifts and talents. He’s blessed us with so many gifts that we can use to His glory. Whatever God has given you, no matter what it is, use it for His glory.


And when we worship God collectively, His presence is tangible; so tangible that like clouds hanging low, we can reach outand hold it. Worship is truly beautiful.


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