Surrender in Worship

by Olatunde “Sway” Animashaun
As simple as the phrase is, as often as we use it when we speak, there is so much to it than just a statement. It’s a process starting with a relationship with the Being superior to our species. The God of the heavens and the earth. Creator supreme in splendor and majesty. Okay, let me get back to the statement ‘to surrender in worship’. First, what does it mean to surrender? And then, what is worship?
To surrender is to “yield to the power, control or possession of another”. I could also say “to give up control”. In Greek, it’s called “paradosi” but in context to the phrase surrender in worship, surrender here would be translated as an act of abandonment. Sounds off, right? But that’s what God requires of us. That we let go COMPLETELY and FINALLY, forsake utterly everything for HIM.
What is worship? First is an act. Yes it’s an act. Meaning there’s a process to it being what it is. Action is needed for it to be considered so. Worship is an act of showing respect and love, acknowledgement, reverent honor and homage to God. Now imagine when you sing the Kim walker song; I yield my heart to you, you’re my king!
The songwriter is surrendering in worship here, a complete let go of his/her heart to God and then an acknowledgement reverencing God as King! The truth is if one really allows that, there’s no limitation to how God’ll work and walk with that individual. Maybe we’d have another Enoch or Elijah in this present day we live in.
Olatunde is a phsiotherapist, a singer, songwriter and rapper. Connect with Tunde here: Facebook Twitter

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