Night of Worship 2016

Standing in the Splendor

By Eniola Johnson

Night of Worship 2016

I stand here broken, shattered in irrecoverable pieces

Heart swelling in a mixture of unexplainable emotions

I am hurt.

I can’t seem to function

And tears tear out of my eyes without permission

I lift my hands

Reluctantly, hesitatingly,

I start to talk, pouring out the bitterness,

Laying down the burden that promises to rip me apart and crush my tiny heart

I’m talking but I don’t know where I find the courage to say ‘Thank you’

I start muttering songs that I had forgotten in my fit of rage

I am transformed and I can feel your joy all over me

I am standing in the Splendour of your majesty

As I find peace on my knees

And I can’t even feel the pain of what brought me before you

Bu I’m glad I’m here.

In this very moment, there is nothing

My greatest ally humbly takes a bow and exits

In this very moment, there is nothing I can say

As I’m left with mouth agape muttering

Ah, Ahhhh, AHHHHH

Over and again because the keys to communication has deserted me

I try to explain how good you have been to me Lord and I’m back to muttering incoherently

Words fail me Lord and I’m left speechless.

I Peter 1:4