This is not exactly an article with answers and “Rhema”, as we all call it. It’s just filled with questions.

If I have learnt one thing from driving, it is that you can get to one destination via several routes. Ten people can get to a single destination and not pass the same road.

As a result of some comments and recent happenings, I was forced to do a minor research in the Bible. I probably didn’t dig enough, because I still couldn’t find the scale for the measurement of sin. And so, based on my understanding, would I be wrong to conclude the following?

Would I be wrong to say it is the height of irony how we get so disgusted by the pastor who committed adultery, and see nothing exactly wrong when we make out with our boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancée?

As long as I can open my lips and utter untrue words, what right do I have to look at an unmarried and pregnant Sunday School teacher as a hypocrite?

I’m just asking.

Why do we easily discount the lies of Ananias and Sapphira as a minor thing and see the betrayal by Judas as a landmark sin?

This is just me being curious.

Would I be safe to conclude that we judge others because our sins are different and not because we are any purer?

Can you help spot the difference between the usher who stole from the offering basket and the church member who deceitfully withheld his customer’s change?

Can we say that we have gradually been made to focus on a false yardstick?

Has the enemy succeeded in making us comfortable with the “minor” and avoiding the “major”? Can we say that the devil merely created alternative paths that still lead to the same hell?

Are you really saved or is Christ just another item on your to-do list?

Lanre Olumide