Righteous or not…?

I once battled between two contrasting schools of thought. One is, “You need to keep attaining towards righteousness” and the other is, “You’re already righteous once you receive Jesus”.

At some point, it seemed these two schools (or rather “ministries”) divided the body of Christ and caused a form of confusion for new converts who genuinely didn’t know where to stand. Permit me to say I don’t have the answer, but I am believing Daddy that this write-up simplifies things.

A close friend of mine teases people with this sentence, “Bomb dey you head”. Initially I found it rather hilarious, and anytime she made the sentence (to me or anyone around), I would always chuckle or laugh. Some years down the line, she became my wife, which meant we spent more time together. And a few months into the marriage I realised that my first line when teasing someone is, “Bomb dey you head”. This only makes sense because the more we spend time together, the more we rub off on each other. She didn’t have to tell me to say, “Bomb dey your head” anytime I want to tease someone, she didn’t give me the “rule of teasing” or anything of the sort.

In the same vein, just maybe the more you spend time with Christ, the more you become “Holy as your Father in heaven is holy” – 1 Peter 1:6. I stumbled on a passage in Colossians (3:13 precisely) and it says, “Remember the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others”. Meaning He forgave you, you have enjoyed the forgiveness (somewhat built a relationship with Him), so now do as He did.

In conclusion, maybe the two teachings are not so much in contrast. The only gap in-between is what is focused on. If we channel the focus to receiving Him and spending time with Him, we just might bridge the gap.