Ride or Route

If there’s something one shouldn’t do, it is pretending to know your way around Victoria Island, Lagos. The road network is a bit complicated. There are various one way roads in that vicinity. It took me weeks of driving round, to get reasonably familiar with the routes.


I had been driving/used to drive a Kia Rio and had just switched to a bigger car, and the very first morning I was to drive the new car to the office, a rather hilarious thought crossed my mind: So now that I’m driving this new car, what’s the turn to take to my office? I laughed myself to scorn when the thought flashed my mind. There’s only one way to my office and it’s even a one-way road. Whether it is a Benz a Kia or even a Motorcycle, it is still that same route – my house to the office. The location of my house didn’t change, the person driving didn’t change, and neither did the office relocate. It is either I know the route or I don’t.


I admit that making the turn with a bigger car might be more difficult and require more caution, but the car won’t change the road. It is either I know the road or I don’t. In the same light, it is either you have faith or you don’t. The faith you used to get a job, doesn’t differ from the one used to start up your business. If it saw you through a headache, it can see you through malaria. Maybe that is why He said even if you have as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains. It is really not in the size, it is in the possession.


If you’ve used it before, please use it again. Push it harder, it might take more time, more meditation and concentration. But in all, it’s exactly the same route. Turning back won’t build another road, so drive.

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