Relentless Lover

He saw me first, before I was formed. I came into existence by the power of His will, but even before then, He loved me completely, irrevocably. He loved me when I reached for things other than He, exchanged his truth for a lie and drowned in my greed and pride. When I was dragged before him shame-faced, “caught in the very act”, sentenced to a death by stones without even needing a trial, He did not condemn me. When people laughed at me and called me names, told only half of my story and pushed me away, He did not cast me aside. He reached his hand out for me, opened his heart to me, and pursued me with a fervor I had never known, but I ran.

He offered me everything, and I wanted anything but him; who really was he anyway? And what did he want from me? I found that he wanted all of me, and that was the one thing i wouldn’t give. The chase was long and heartbreaking, but my surrender was inevitable; I was always his. I was his before I knew what it meant to belong, and my heart knew his name before I was conscious of knowledge.

Even now, the chase continues; countless times I walk away for millions of miles, and I go back to the vomit of sin But I still hear him loving me, calling me back home into his heart.

He just won’t give up on me; He has vowed to love me until time no longer matters or exists and even then, He won’t stop. His loves holds my broken pieces and puts them back together with precision and care. His love makes every breath a second chance. Because he loves me, I am.

What does love look like to you? A warm embrace or a smile on a rough day? An answer, a need met just in the nick of time? Shelter from life’s storms or peace in the midst of it? A sovereign hand that lightens your burdens, or strength in your back for it?  Sunshine in its time and rain when it’s due? I have always thought that love is better experienced than explained. So, today, I say a prayer for you, that you will come to an understanding deep in your heart and bones, one without question or a shadow of doubt of what it means, that the Creator and Sustainer of all the universe, the God of the heavens and all the earth, He loves you.

Jesus loves you. And there is nothing you can do to make him love you less, or even more! He loves you perfectly, completely, forever, just the way you are. Let this be your anchor today: Jesus is the Relentless Lover of your soul.