N.O.W – How it All Began

By Pastor Taiwo Bolodeoku

The Night of Worship (N.O.W) is an annual gathering of God’s people to worship the only true and wise God for who He is, and not necessarily for what He will yet do.

This gathering started couple of years back in a living room, when the LORD spoke a WORD from Acts 16:25 that we should gather from midnight not to pray or preach, but just to worship Him in the beauty of his holiness.

Paul and Silas, according to Acts 16:25-26, were in prison,‎ locked up to be executed the next day. There was no way out of that prison and they were already condemned to death. They didn’t choose to forsake the Almighty and blame him for their predicament, but they chose to praise and worship him. Suddenly by the presence of the LORD released into the prison from the worship, the foundation of the prison doors were shaken and all the doors were open and all their chains were loosed.

At the Night of Worship, the almighty God is the only audience. The previous editions have all been about God‎; this can be seen even in the themes: Indescribable God, Great & Mighty God, God & God Alone, and so on.

The presence of the Almighty has been so evident. It’s a night filled with testimonies of healing, deliverance, and breakthroughs that happen when the presence of the LORD comes down‎. This year’s Night of Worship will be the 7th edition. We all know that 7 represents perfection; surely the LORD will perfect all that concerns this Year’s programme.

The theme for this 7th edition of the Night of Worship is HIS SHEKINAH GLORY. This simply means the very manifest presence of the LORD coming down to dwell among his people.

In Psalm 114:1-8, the Bible records the very presence of the LORD coming down and the sea had no choice but to flee, Jordan River was driven back by this manifest presence known as His Shekinah Glory, the mountains skipped like rams and the hills began to move like lambs.

Great worship shall be offered to the LORD by His chosen and selected Ministers of Worship, William Mcdowell, Nathaniel Bassey, Frank Edwards, Moz, Bee Jay Sax, The Sounds of Heaven & The Psalmist, and a few others.

Certainly, the Name of the LORD will be glorified and anything can happen when His Shekinah Glory descends.