Mission possible- Eyebrow Makeup

We often see eye makeup tutorials, lip makeup tutorial and even face contouring tutorials, but it seems we don`t have so many eyebrow makeup tutorials.

Of course, when you decide to apply makeup onto the eyebrows, you need to verify they are groomed and well-shaped. From then on you will need a brow liner, which matches the natural color of your eyebrows, white pencil or a very light concealer and a few clean brushes.

First, line your brows with the eyebrow liner. Use a brush to spread the liner evenly and get a natural color.Then apply white pencil or concealer around the eyebrows, so that you actually draw the shape. Use a brush to blend it with the rest of the makeup and you are done. This way you make your eyebrows pop, showing off aperfect shape!


It is also important you know that your brows don’t have to be as dramatic or cartoonish as most Makeup Artists make them look. Natural looking brows are way better.


Stay Beautiful,

Oye Ajakaiye

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