“ME Time” with God

I was born into a typical Christian home with the family devotion as the first point of call before we parted ways for the day. We would gather in one of the rooms, sing a few songs of praise and a hymn, read from the ‘Every day with Jesus’ devotional, pray and disperse. This was the routine every day. I only knew God as the one we had to tell all we would be doing for the day and ask to bless us. So for me then, God was a ‘Blesser’.

Somewhere along the line, having listened to all the teachings in Sunday school on the need to have a quiet time with God, I decided to try it out. I came across the ‘Topz’ ( I hope I spelt it correctly) devotional which I used during this quiet time. So when it came to prayers, I tried to use the adjectives I heard my mum use to describe God while praying. It felt good, but I didn’t really understand what I was saying.

As the years went by, I came to understand God as my healer because He showed up in the times when I sincerely asked Him to take asthma pains away. It then became easy to sing all the songs about God as the healer and to truly call Him same.

Ever since as I grew in my walk with God, I’ve come to know Him in different lights – Friend, Helper, Provider, my strength, Father, Lover of my Soul, My peace, Deliverer, Solid Rock and much more.

The truth is, there’s no end to knowing God. I believe that the depth of your knowledge determines the quality of your worship. If you spend time with Him, you’d know how to revere Him in words, songs and generally your lifestyle.

The importance of a “ME time” with God becomes stronger with your understanding of God’s words. A clear example is David in Psalms 42:1  “As the hart pants and longs for the water, so I pant and long for you. Verse 2: My inner self thirsts for you…”

Your “ME time” with God becomes an integral part of your lifestyle. It becomes stronger by day, not limited to morning or evening devotions. You can easily flow into his presence without a switch; it becomes a subconscious act. This is when worship becomes a lifestyle for you. You won’t need the regular triggers like getting to church for praise and worship sessions and/or listening to music/songs.

Your “ME time” with Him goes a long way.