Living the Worship Life

by Ezekiel

I hear the word ‘worship’ and what comes to mind is the singing of soulful songs that brings about that atmosphere of calm and peace. The melodious tunes that give the feeling of being closer to God. However, what truly is worship?

Is it only hymns and songs that have a slow tempo which sometimes moves people to tears that constitutes worship or is it much more than that? A few strokes on the keyboard/touch screen in a dictionary app or a search engine tells us that Worship is the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. Reverence is to show deep respect for someone or something. Adoration is to have deep love and respect. So basically, what it appears is that from the definition we have reverence and adoration from a singing perspective locked down, but there is much more than that.

Worship is to have deep respect and love for God not just by expressing it through singing but through our lives. Worship is our lives, worship is in the air we breathe in, worship is in our going and coming, worship is in our daily lives; what we do at work, at school, with our friends, with our families. Worship transcends all and every part of our lives. It is who and what we are meant to do. Worship is God taking the glory over every moment of our lives. Worship is using our gifts and abilities down to the littlest of them and seemingly most insignificant to respect God.

We were created on this earth to bring God glory and we bring glory to him through the worship of our daily lives. God watches over us to the extent that he knows every hair on our head, he knows who we are and what we are about. God wants more than just those few hours in church or those few minutes of singing as dress up to go to work. God wants to be a part of our daily lives. He wants us to abide in him and he will abide in us. God wants us to surrender every moment of the day to him. Our worship to God is in our daily life.

When you love and respect someone you do everything possible to show it. You show your love to that person by understanding that persons likes and dislikes. Your worship to God at work is to put in the best at it so that the glory of God will be seen through you. Your worship at home is to be the loving sibling or parent. Your worship to God is to respect his ways and live your life as a reflection of Christ’s love for the church because you are Christ-like. Worship God through all that you do for God delights in the ways of his people. Worship is a habit not just a few hours of singing, it is a lifestyle of loving and respecting God.

Join us as we set our hearts, our minds and soul to worship Him.

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