Leadership Vacancy at an Undisclosed Organization

Leadership Vacancy at an Undisclosed Organization

We are currently recruiting for a leadership vacancy at an organization, kindly read below the organization’s background, philosophy and what we expect those who apply to know.

Organizational Background

The organization is thousands of years old. It has so strong a heritage that there are many stories about how the organization was first founded. Many great men and women have worked the corridors of the organization, and so great are the men that I am sure, you have heard or read about them. Men and women who dedicated their lives to not just seeing that the organization became a better workplace, but also created a path for others to follow. This organization is a conglomerate with investments in a wide range of sectors including; Agriculture, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Banking, Consulting and a lot more.

Organizational Philosophy

This vacancy is very much like those vacancies that require applicants to have 23 years work experience, yet expect applicants to be no older than 25 years old. Why, because we believe that every experience you have ever had contains within them lessons to be learnt. Lessons that would make you qualified for this leadership position.

Organizational Success Criteria

Before applying to work in this prestigious organization, we expect you to consider the following criteria against which you will be measured, if you eventually are selected to work at this organization.

  • The success of your co-workers and sub-ordinates has a great impact on your evaluation – At this organization we believe that the measure of how much of a high flyer you are is dependent on the success of your co-workers. We believe that if we employ you as a leader, we do not just expect you to excel but that your excellence is portrayed in the excellence of the people that report to you and work with you on a daily basis. Like a footballer, no matter how skillful or talented a striker you are, the success of the entire team in winning trophies has an impact on your own success.  As it is very well put in the movie Drumline, ‘One Band, One Sound’.
  • We serve no notices – We do not believe in giving forward notices about occurrences that are about to happen. Occurrences like when an opportunity to be promoted or excel will come, when a curve ball will be thrown at you and you have a choice to catch it and run or dodge it and pretend as though nothing was sent your way. Like the Boy’s Scout motto, we expect you to always be prepared.
  • You determine the height of your success – In this organization, how far up the ladder you want to go solely depends on you. You are not limited by gender, race, age or background. We believe that you are first of all, the captain of you and all that’s necessary for you to succeed lies in you.

Whether you realize it or not, you are currently work at this organization. This organization is life, and the success criteria we have shared are a few things you must realize to become a successful leader.


By Ezekiel

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  1. Oluwaseun King Sofoluwe

    I’d like to think that on the subject of life, been a leader is heavily influenced by the people around you, even more than the things that happen. That is why I believe that as a church, focus should be on visiting the cummulatuve desire by members and the world at large to belong and participate.