Just When You Think It’s Over

Having gone through life’s ordeals, coming from a background that has no history, born to parents with no record, nothing significant enough to be mentioned, and finally, being betrothed to a man from King David’s lineage (the greatest king in history).

Imagine the emotions, excitement and anxiety that comes with being about to wed. How much more one coming from a girl with such a background, who is about to get married to that man, the young man with a royal blood? It just seems like the end of the relegation, feels like an end to being a nobody.  The angel then made it glorious; he just dropped the icing on the cake. He made sentences that she had waited all her life to hear. He said:

“Thou that art highly favoured”.

“Mary! For thou hast found favour with God”.

Of course her favour had started, of all the girls in the city she was favoured to be picked by the royal Joseph, the angel (not a man) then confirmed that she is not just favoured, but “HIGHLY FAVOURED”. She wasn’t just favoured in the sight of man but God. Wow!!!. I don’t know about you, but I’ll live my life to hear those sentences from an angel.
Here is a little detail that was left out, the angel didn’t tell Mary that being favoured, or rather, “highly favoured” wasn’t what she thought it was. Have you taken time out to imagine the “favour” Mary got? Just when she thought the life of being regarded as a ‘nobody’ had ended and a glamorous life of a royal lineage had started, the angel left out the details.

The angel didn’t mention the ridicule she would go through in the sight of fellow men. Those few times when you don’t have it all, but the very little you have still makes you raise your head up high. At least they could testify that she was not a harlot but now that she was “favoured” where was the testimony she could hold on to? Pregnant outside wedlock? The angel forgot to tell her that “favour” would move her from point zero to negative. She wasn’t popular, but she wasn’t known to be notorious either. Before she was favoured, she wasn’t on the run, but the favour made her run to Egypt immediately after child labour.  Oh Lord! Favour included giving birth in a manger! But she was favoured. How quick we are to cry for favour but never sit to examine the person with the “most pronounced favour” in the Bible.
I don’t know if you have been at that point when everything around is negating what Daddy told you. I bet you, Mary was and yet didn’t relent. At this point, one begins to wonder, did we miss something? She acted like she knew what favour was all about. Something even more confusing was, Jesus was to come from David’s lineage, is it that there were no other virgins in David’s lineage? Mary wasn’t in the family tree, how come she was to birth the messiah? There were other virgins around, ones directly linked with David. Why Mary?

Now I get it. Mary had no idea what favour entailed but she was picked for one major reason. She was tenacious. Just maybe, maybe her virginity was a distraction from her tenacity. She was a virgin, but she was tenacious. God could trust her with trouble. God could stand and be sure that she would not back out of any situation. God knew that a childish virgin would have given up on Him, an average virgin would have broken down and given up on Him but, Mary would not. It is easier to find a virgin but a tenacious one isn’t easy to come by.

Jacob received the blessing from Isaac his father, but he didn’t know it would include running and serving Laban for fourteen years. He wrestled with God and was blessed, but God left him limping forever. How blessed was he?What was the content of Joseph’s dream? Definitely didn’t include the house help and prison scences…

What was the content of Joseph’s dream? Definitely didn’t include the house help and prison sentences.

Just one question, can God trust you with trouble?

Can he be sure you’ll stand even at the peak of the storm?

Mary was there even when Jesus died and rose. Even on the day of Pentecost she was there. She was tenacious. She held on.
You want to be favoured, I ask: CAN YOU?