Creator, Master, Owner

Before 6 BC, way before Herod, Romans and corrupt priests, before King David, or Abraham or Noah, there was a man. The first man. His name, as you know, was Adam. He was the man God made out of the ground and in whose nostrils Yahweh breathed the breath of life. He was the one whose spirit was made in the image and likeness of God, the guy with all the knowledge, access to God, and free reign and absolute dominion over everything that God had made; the guy named everything!

So, here this guy was, going about his business. Then God looks at him and says, “Hmm… let me make him some help. The kind that would be suitable for him.” Then God does. So these two are in the Garden of Eden; I’m not sure any words will be able to conjure up its true beauty in your mind, but imagine it anyway, the garden of everything. They lived there, and they could eat of any tree they wanted, except one.

Now, this wasn’t a problem; the man and the woman had, up until now, had no reason to doubt or question anything God had ever said to them. They were in a pure state of love and fellowship, the closest man could be to God. But there came an enemy with an old score. You see, man had all of God’s love, and since God is perfect and cannot be dissuaded from loving man, the enemy set his sights on man. He pushed and prodded and twisted and turned, and Man fell, wife first. Their connection to God became distorted; they were now in a sinful state. They could no longer be in Eden, else, they would find a way to live forever; and that wouldn’t do.

Before God sent them out of the garden, He laid out the consequences of their misstep, but the enemy had not won; God also told them the solution, in the promise of a Seed.

The seed would not come to earth for hundreds and hundreds of years, meaning man had to live under the yoke of his sin and make atonement with the blood of animals for a long time. But the Seed came. And get this, the Seed is God Himself.

So, this uncreated God, made the heavens and the earth out of nothing. He made man and woman in His image, and chose to love them without condition. Then man fell short and violated the law of sin and death: the wages of sin is death.

So, in order to save man and all his generations to come from death and eternal damnation, God chose to make an atonement once and for all, for man’s sin. That’s two cases of ownership: first, Creator, second, Redeemer; when someone buys your freedom, you are theirs. But ours is not a wearisome slavery; our Lord is also the lover of our souls.

Who is Jesus? Lord, Master, Owner.