Night of Worship

The Heavens Declare the Glory of the Lord

“Praise the LORD, my soul. LORD my God, you are very great; you are clothed with splendor and majesty.” Psalm 104:1


The Bible is filled with imagery of the splendor and majesty of God. From the creation in the book of Genesis to Revelation, we find revelations of God’s glory through his many wondrous acts. In nature’s beauty and all its fury, we are often left in awe at the works of God’s hands.

In the Old Testament, God frequently reveals His glory and presence is in and through clouds and through fire. He first appeared to Moses in the burning bush, and to the children of Israel during The Exodus as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. When Moses received the Ten Commandments, God’s presence appeared in form of a cloud on the Mount Sinai. God also told Moses to inform Aaron that He would appear in a cloud above the mercy seat. The Psalms also reflect God’s preference for reflecting His glory in the clouds. In Psalm 19, we’re told that “the heavens declare the glory of the Lord” and from Psalm 97, there’s a revelation that clouds and thick darkness cover Him. Another person who also had a revelation of the glory of God through the clouds is Job. Job 22: 14 says that the clouds are a hiding place for God, and in Job 36: 29, we can infer that the clouds are God’s pavilion.

But perhaps arguably one of the most tangible appearances of God through cloud and fire in the Old Testament is Solomon’s dedication of the temple. Preceded by a time of worship, thanksgiving and praise with singing and instruments and a declaration of God’s mercy and unending faithfulness, the temple is filled with a cloud as the glory and brilliance of our God appears, so much that the priests can no longer minister in the temple. After Solomon’s worship and prayer, God’s fire comes down from heaven and consumes the burnt offerings and sacrifices, and His presence and brilliance fills the temple anew.

This year at the Night of Worship, we will experience the presence of God, in a tangible way as we gather to worship God in truth and spirit. For many of us who know what the NOW Experience is, we can come with expectation of the experience of the Splendor of His Majesty. As we prayerfully prepare for the Night of Worship, let us come knowing that God will reveal Himself in a tangible way.

Get ready for an experience of the Splendor of His Majesty like never before.


Night of Worship