Garbage In, Garbage Out

What do you feed your mind?  I say feed because I imagine the mind is like a sponge, soaking up information and experiences. Everything that we learn we retain, at least to a large extent (except it’s mathematical theories and you ended up majoring in Literature). It’s the way you can remember Telematch and Super Ted, and for some of us Baba Suwe and Mount Zion’s Agbara nla. And if you’re blessed with a photographic memory you’ll remember dates and places and what people wore and said.

Before I start talking gibberish, what I’m trying to say is that if I can remember all of things after all of those years, then it means that everything that goes into your mind is tattooed on it. Little wonder the Bible says to guard our hearts with all diligence because out of it flows issues of life.

What do you feed your mind?

Between Twitter and funny Instagram Videos, Linda Ikeji and all our series, there’s so much going into your mind that shouldn’t be. What you do, read, think and watch during the day sometimes goes into your subconscious, something Freud calls “repressed unconscious”. When you’re asleep at night, these sometimes come to play as dreams. That’s not to deny the place of divine revelations in the scheme of dreams, all I’m saying is that what you feed your mind is really important to your dreams. Imagine if you’ve spent all your time watching porn.

What you feed your mind is also important if you’re headed anywhere in life. You can’t spend all your data on Social Media (except your work revolves around it) and expect to think the same way as someone who reads Harvard Business Review or another who would rather spend time reading his Bible. Again, that’s not to say that social media is bad, there are many positive blogs and posts to follow. But as we always say, filtering with wisdom is key.  You also can’t spend all weekend watching TV show reruns and synthetic reality shows and tell yourself that you’re living. Err, Nope. You’re not living. You’re a couch potato and your life is passing you by.

What you take in, determines what you put out also. Your words, actions and inactions are determined by what you’ve conditioned your mind to do. And we condition our minds through the things that we read, watch and think on. We can go on and on, but I guess you get the point.

So what will you feed your mind?