Night of Worship 2016



Night of Worship 2016

Have you ever been curious as to how the world works, or how it all came to be in the first place? How the sun, the moon and rain all work together? Was it a Big Bang that put it all together or was everything created intentionally with a purpose that has taken years of scientific discovery to understand?

When you think of how the human body works, how we wake up every morning seemingly without aid, how we get by every moment of the passing day breathing in air, how our heart pumps blood by the second to keep us living, you will truly be left wondering to how all came to be.

It’s in these routine activities that we often take for granted and have no control over that we see the hand of, not science, but a mighty God who has seen so far ahead that it has taken decades, no, centuries to understand a bit of how the things He created operate. A God whom for love sacrificed his Son so that His people, everyone everywhere, may have a way back to him. In a world where everything changes, He remains a constant, a constant that stays the same and is ever reliable in this challenging and often chaotic world we find ourselves.

The cry of a new born baby, the innocent wisdom of a child, the drawing in of air, the achievement of success, the rising of the sun and its setting, the rain drops on the roofs over our heads. These are the things through which we experience God’s splendor, a splendor of greatness, love, and awesome majesty.

It’s for these same things that we will gather for a Night of Worship¬†today, the 18th of November, 2016 to celebrate the Splendor of His Majesty. We’ll be at the Grenadines Open Ground, Water Corporation/Landmark road, Victoria Island, Lagos, from 8 pm.

Do join us!