courage and business - Joshua Ville

Courage and Business

The CEO had received reports that there was new market share to be gained by expanding into a new territory, and moving operations could result in an increase earnings and profit. Being the CEO, he had to make the call on whether to expand, considering that the company had been suffering years of scaled back profits and could barely keep afloat.

He selected a team representing the different arms of the business to inspect the new territory and report back with their findings. The team departed and returned several weeks later with extensive reports. True to the CEO’s original report, the territory he had sent them to investigate was worth moving their base of operation and expanding for. However, several negatives were stated including the fact that competition already existed in that region and had a long standing presence, hence, gaining market share in that territory would be a herculean task that they could not accomplish.

This story is slightly similar to the story of Moses and the spies he sent to discover the Promised Land. The main difference though is that this is business. Do the principles of what happened with the Israelites apply in business? Yes, some do and one of such is courage.


After Moses had passed away God chose Joshua to lead his people into the Promised Land and he told Joshua to have courage. The tasks ahead were going to be daunting; leading a group of people that had it in their history to forget and go astray was certainly no mere walk in the park, especially as the battles to gain what had been promised them required strength of will and direction. However, in the face of this God told Joshua that he should be courageous.

Joshua was appointed leader of the Israelites because despite the risks he saw just like the others, he also saw the potential in the land. As in business, seeing the positive in the abundance of risk and choosing to take it is what sets people apart. Taking on these risks however, requires courage. Courage to believe that it is possible to succeed. Courage to lead the organization, knowing that there may be dissenting voices but to lead them all the same.

It required courage for Joshua to tell the people that by walking around the walls of Jericho they would take over the city, even though he had been divinely instructed. Yes, he did depend on a word surer that his own, which signifies that courage is often rooted in something. It could be facts, it could be the yearning to achieve and break barriers, or sometimes it could be total dependence on God to lead you to success in your business or career.

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