Bececoming: Episode 6

Kassy didn’t like drawing attention to herself, but there were just sometimes when she couldn’t sit still and swallow rubbish. On one of such days, she had been at her Community Development (CD) meeting, and the group was trying to decide what to do as their Community Development project. A lot of people had suggested several lame things, and when she couldn’t take it anymore, she had stood to give her contribution. It was while she was spewing forth “words of wisdom” that the Honourable had noticed her from an open window. After the meeting, she had been summoned to the office of the Zonal Inspector (Z.I). At first, she had thought she had been in some kind of trouble, but her fears had been allayed when she entered the office. The Z.I beamed unusually at her, and then she noticed another man seated in front of him.

“Kassy, Kassy! How are you today? How was the meeting? I heard you gave them a piece of your mind today? Ehn? I always knew you were intelligent behind that quietness.”

He rambled on and on and Kassy humoured him by smiling and nodding appropriately.

“Honorable noticed you today, and he wanted to meet you. You have impressed our Honorable, and he is not easily impressed, I must tell you”

The Honourable entered the conversation: “Kassy, Kassy! What’s that your name again?”

She gave him a I-should-I’ve-known-you-were-dumb look but smiled and said: “it’s Kassy, sir”

“Is that your full name?”

“No, my full name is Kasarachi, but everyone calls me Kassy.”

“Hmm…Kassy… I think I prefer Kassy”

Kassy thought: Who cares what you prefer? I just want to get out of here!

The Honourable had gotten her phone number there and then, and had since been plaguing her with calls: “what are you doing this weekend?” “Let me take you out” “You know I like you” “You are not a small girl nau”.

And now, he was calling her again. She didn’t answer the phone on the first ring, or the second. The phone was ringing a third time when Aghogho said:

“Is that Honourable?”


“Babe, are you sure you don’t want to chop his money?”

Kassy playfully hit Aghogho on the arm.

“Babe, answer his call nau, or next thing you know, he’ll be knocking on your door.”

“Yea, right. Fat chance of that happening”

“Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, let me get my bag.”

Kassy should have listened to Aghogho, because when they got to their apartment, they had a surprise guest waiting.

“Hello Kassy!”