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Night of Worship 2016

Standing in the Splendor

By Eniola Johnson I stand here broken, shattered in irrecoverable pieces Heart swelling in a mixture of unexplainable emotions I am hurt. I can’t seem to function And tears tear…



Hello there! Welcome to an all-new episode of #EverydayJesus .  For the next few weeks, we will be discussing the subject of Sin. For perspective and understanding, we begin with a definition….

Becoming: Episode 8

Kassy: Holiday is Coming Kassy entered the room dragging her feet and looking worn. Aghogho looked up from packing when Kassy entered. “Ahn ahn, wetin do you?” “Babe, you can’t…

Becoming: Episode 7

Kassy: Chop and Clean Mouth “Hello… and who are you?” Kassy asked, approaching the man sweltering in the black suit with caution. With his dark suit and shades, and his…