Activate Now

I was reflecting on my first week in the office and all I could do was smile. I remember when my supervisor said I would go to Court all by myself. I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking, my palms became wet, I simply just felt like life left me. After just a week of practice, how was I to appear before a High Court Judge I barely knew how to address? Believe me when I say I lost breath and my heartbeat had no rhythm for a while. I had been an arrogant person for as long as I could remember. People had often mistaken my confidence for pride in times past. But this once, the “confidence package” failed me. Just then, I learnt the importance of practicality.


Of course, I was filled with the knowledge of the law; I had just crammed it all for the bar finals, but putting me out there in a High Court wasn’t just right. All I had was theory, paper work and nothing more. In that moment, I was almost certain I was in the wrong office.


Maybe this theory thing is our normal way of living, but theory alone always fails. Always, always and will always fail you. Even Jesus taught his disciples (twice) how to practically perform miracles. They might never have tried to perform miracles when He left if they hadn’t tried it in His presence.


Maybe as Christians, we know too much and use too little. Can you imagine how you’d be, if you gave life to a fraction of the word of God you know?


Let’s narrow down this to “faith”. I won’t/can’t use the word to shake off cancer when I’ve never used it to shake off a slight headache. If I hadn’t prayerfully waved off a minor mistake in the past, I wouldn’t have attempted to pray when I was going to be fired. We know we should cry to God in the storm, but it’s difficult when you haven’t tried crying to Him in the rain.


If, the first time you tried to activate your faith, you started with believing God for a mansion; of course, He can provide, but will your faith stand the test of time? Why not start with a sim card, then a phone, then a car, then the mansion. Practice even in the little things while you build strength for the big things.


How often do we make attempt to make a reality off what we know?