Through the Fire

When you walk through the fire (of oppression) you will not be burned up, the flames will not consume you.
– Isaiah 43:2
He didn’t say there wouldn’t be fires. He didn’t say we wouldn’t feel the heat. He did promise that we would come out unscathed though.
There are fires and then there are fires. And I’m thinking that God has a thing for fires and burning things too. Like when He appeared to Moses in the burning bush and the pillar of cloud and fire in the wilderness. Elijah must have known this too, that’s why he called on God to consume the prophets of Baal with fire.
God’s promise for His children is that no matter what they go through He will be with them. And we can count on the integrity of His word. Ask Shedrach, Meschack and Abednego if you’re in doubt. Not only were there not burnt, God was physically seen with them in the fire.
But God has His own fires. And it isn’t for nothing He is called “Alagbada Ina”. God’s fires for the ones he loves is usually refining, purifying even. In TY Bello’s Alagbada Ina, she refers to this purifying attribute of His fire: “This is all I pray, as Your fire purifies me, let your mercy embrace me”. Job (who was profoundly wise and filled with the spirit of God) knew this. He knew that after being tried, he would come out as pure gold. It’s probably what Paul the Apostle knew too when he said our light affliction works out a far more rewarding and eternal weight of glory.
All we have to do is trust God ruthlessly no matter what we go through.
You will not be burnt.
The flames will not consume you.
You will come out as pure gold.