Night of Worship

Everyday Miracles

How easy is it to get a job? To some it wasn’t something they gave much thought about, the job was there when they needed it. To some others getting a job wasn’t the same. From test after test, to interview after interview yet no congratulatory email or text message came through. When they did finally it was a feat worthy of song and dance.

Although it’s one thing to get a job, what about excelling at the job or succeeding at it in spite of forces that rout you and plan your failure? Let’s take a real life case for example.

After working a couple months at work, he was told to hire someone, whom he soon discovered was intended to be his replacement as he was basically putting her through his role. However, rather than getting sacked, it was the person that initiated the process of him being replaced who got sacked and replaced by the lady he had been training. To the guy, that was a way made out of the impossible.

What about the safe delivery of a baby after nine months of pregnancy? How easy is it? Conceiving a child is the first part of that process but the final result which we pray for is it to hold that healthy baby and possibly attend the child’s naming ceremony with well wishes in our heart that the child will be great. To the parents looking into the eyes of their baby and seeing their baby cry is a wondrous miracle.

There are other things that others may think are easy, but you alone know what you experienced to get it. You know what may have happened to you and you overcoming was not a mere feat but one in which you experienced God taking control. To you these are feats worth giving God thanks. To you these are things through which you experienced the splendor of God’s majesty. Join us on the 18th of November, 2016 for a Night of Worship as we celebrate the Splendor of His Majesty.

Night Of Worship 2016 (NOW 2016)